Dog Grooming and Styling

groomed pup before

Barney before

Clipping & Hand Scissoring

To encourage a new, healthier coat or achieve an easily maintainable coat for your dog, our stylist will assist you in determining just the right style and cut to fit both the look you want and your lifestyle.

Our stylists are trained in hand scissoring, a skill that requires practice and a well trained eye. We have found this is the key to professional pet styling. Expert knowledge of coat types combined with scissoring allows the stylist to add balance, grace and style to your pet.



Barney after

Barney after

De-matting (if necessary) will be done by hand using grooming tools and conditioning sprays. However, if some coats are badly matted, they may need shaving. These services will require an additional charge determined by the amount of time for the process. Your dog’s comfort and safety are our number one priority and if your dog is too badly matted we may need to discuss the most humane and gentle options for your dog.